Hh holmes

H.H. Holmes

  • Birth of Herman Webster Mudgett

    Birth of Herman Webster Mudgett
    Born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire
    Parents: Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodate Page Price (English settlers)
  • Name Change and a New Wife

    Name Change and a New Wife
    After graduating high school at the age of 16, Herman Webster Mudgett changed his name to Henry Howard Homles. A year later he Married Clara A. Lovering
  • Birth of Son

    Robert Lovering Mudgett
  • College Experience

    College Experience
    He graduated In June 1884 from University of Michigan's Department of Medicine and Surgery
  • New Scenery

    New Scenery
    Moved to Chicago, Illinois and got a job at a pharmacy with the alias Dr. Henry H. Holmes.
  • Wife #2

    While Homles was still married to Clara, he married a new woman named Myrta Belkhap. They had a child named Lucy Theodate Holmes
  • Hotel (aka Murder Castle)

    Hotel (aka Murder Castle)
    Construction started on H.H. Holmes "Murder Castle". 3 Construction crews
  • Hotel Complete

    Hotel Complete
    Hotel was finished and 1st marriage with Clara ended with her mysteriously passing away.
  • Honor

    Chicago gave H. H. Holmes an honor for hosting the World Fair 400th anniversary of Columbus discovery of America.
  • Wife #3

    Wife #3
    Georginia Yoke
  • Arrested!!

    Arrested for a swindle the promptly bailed out. While in jail he and his cellmate concocted an insurance scam (failed).
  • Arrested (again)

    Arrested (again)
    He confessed to 30 murders and 6 attempts
  • Hung

    He was hung in the prison in Philadelphia. Requested to be buried with 10 feet of concrete poured on top of him so grave hunters couldn't take his body for dissection. After his death, the number of murders rose to approximately 200 total over 14 years.