Great Gatsby Timeline

By rchris
  • Nick moves to West Egg

    Nick moves to the Northeast for the bond business. He also visits East Egg to meant Tom and Daisy.
  • Tom takes Nick to see Myrtle

    Tom forces Nick to go see his mistress and to his apartment to meet her sister Catherine.
  • Nick gets an invitation to Gatsbys party.

    Nick goes to the party looking her Gatsby hads a hard time finding Gatsby and finds Jordan instead. Later he meets Gatsby and Gatsby meets with Jordan Privately.
  • Nick has lunch with Gatsby

    On the way to lunch Gatsby talks about his life but Nick doesn't completely believe him. Gatsby introduces Nick to Wolfsheim. Gatsby tells Nick he's gonna have lunch with Jordan too.
  • Nick invites Daisy to tea

    Gatsby wants to meet Daisy and tells Nick to invite Daisy to have tea with him. Daisy comes by and meets Gatsby awkward at first they became comfortable after Nick comes back.
  • Gatsby talks about his past

    Gatsby talks about how he his parents were poor farmers and he leaves his home and found Dan Cody's Yacht and met Dan Cody.
  • Gatsby meets with Tom

    Gatsby invites Tom and Daisy to one of his parties. At the end of the party Gatsby Daisy Tom and Nick are with each other and Daisy clearly didn't like the party.
  • Tom Daisy Jordan Nick and Gatsby all meet together in East Egg

    They all meet together at Tom and Daisy's house. Daisy proposes they go into town and when they do Tom takes Gatsbys car and Gatsby takes Toms car and they drive to a hotel.
  • Myrtle dies

    Daisy runs over Myrtle. Gatsby takes the blame and George finds out who ran over Myrtle through Tom and shoots Gatsby and himself.
  • Gatsbys Funeral

    Tom and Daisy leave East Egg. Nick holds Gatsbys Funeral meets Gatsbys father. Tries to get people to come but isn't successful only 3 people come.