George Mason

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  • George Mason IV is born

    George Mason was born December 11, 1725 to George Mason III and Ann Thomson Maason in Fairfax County, Virginia.
  • Period: to

    George Mason's Life

  • First Marriage

    Mason married Anne Eilbeck in 1750. Together they had five sons and four daughters.
  • Ohio County

    Began to show interest in Ohio County, organization that speculated in Western Lands
  • Period: to


    Became a trustee of the city of Alexandria
  • Election

    Elected to the Virgina House of Burgesses
  • Stamp Act of 1765

    wrote letter explaining colonists postition to a committee od London merchants to enlist their support
  • Death of Anne Mason

    Anne Mason died of complications when giving birth to their 11th and 12th children.
  • Company Treasure

    Major state paper he wrote, " Virgininia's Charters with some remarks among them"
  • Fairfax Resolves

    assisted in drawing it, colonists constitutional grounds for objections to Boston Port Act
  • Virginas Declaration of Rights

    framed by Mason, widely copied in other colonies
  • Period: to

    Legislative Activity

    establishment of independent government of Great Britain required abilities of Mason
  • Another Marriage

    Married his second wife Sarah Brent
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace Treaty with Great Britain includes Mason's extracts from the Virgina Charters
  • Annapolis Convention

    attended meeting but not appointed so he didnt goto Annapolis
  • Constitution Convention

    Mason was a Virginia Delegate to the Constitution Convention
  • Constitutional Convention

    Mason was one of the five ,most frequent speakers but decieded not to sign document
  • US Bill of Rights

    US Bill of Rights was ratified, putting Mason's concerns of individual rights to rest
  • Death

    buried on grounds of Gunston Hall
  • Disgraceful Mankind

    Vigorously opposed the provision that allowed slave trade to contiue during this time