George Bush - Sr.

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    born in Massachusetts,
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    The Second World War

    George Bush at age 18 became a sea pilot, and 3 days before his 19th birthday, which made him the youngest sea pilot of that time.
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    Life after war

    Then he married Barbara Bush, and they had children ... Their names were sons: George, Jeb, Neil, Marvin Pierce.
    Daughters: Paulina Robinson, Dorothy Walker.
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    Political career

    Bush was chairman of the Republican Party in Harris, Texas, in 1964, but wishing to be more involved in politics, he nominated himself for the Texas Senate.
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    Vice Presidency

    As vice president, Bush has generally been involved in low-profile work, recognizing the constitutional limitations of his position. He avoided making decisions and criticizing Reagan in any way.
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    died in texas in taxi