Friedrich engels

Frederick Engels (NOV 1820 - AUG 1945)(Britannica)

  • Birth of Fredrick Engels

    Frederick Engels was born November 28, 1945 at Barmen in the German Rhineland. (Keracher, 1946). Engels’s father was a capitalist and devout Christian. The family had a partnership owning cotton mills. Even at a young age Fredrick was already not interested in the family traditions and longed something different. He attended school till he dropped out, and at seventeen started to work for his father. This would not last long either.
  • Joins Military to travel to Berlin

    In 1841 Engels would decide to join the military before being required. This allowed him the opportunity to choose which branch of service he’d be enlisting to. He joins the artillery, for it would take him to Berlin. This would give him the opportunity to learn about German culture. (Keracher, 1946)
  • A Meaningful Friendship(Britannica)

    A Meaningful Friendship(Britannica)
    France 1844 is where Engels meets Karl Marx, and a friendship is formed. Both would later collaborate with other one another to publish more writings.(Keracher, 1946)
  • The Communist Manifesto(Britannica)

    The Communist Manifesto(Britannica)
    The creation of the Communist Manifesto. A collaboration of Marx and Engels views on the working class and the dangers of Capitalism. How the working class needed to rise above the hardships set buy the wealthy.(Keracher, 1946)
  • The Anti-Duhring

    The Anti-Duhring was “undoubtedly his greatest work.”(Keracher, 1946) A great fundamental work on the modern socialism.
  • Death of Fredrick Engels

    Frederick Engels had passed away from internal cancer August 20, 1895. His last request was that his body be cremated, and his ashes thrown to the sea near his favorite holiday resort, Eastbourne. His few close friends would make sure that his wishes were carried out.(Keracher, 1946)
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