Franz Kafka

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  • Franz was born in Prague

  • Kafka completed her law degree and embarked on a year of unpaid work as a legal assistant

  • Kafka found a job with an Italian insurance agency

  • his most popular tale "the metamorphosis" was completed

  • the book "The Metamorphosis" was published

  • He completed "The Trial", which spoke directly about the relationship he shared with his father.

  • The works included "In the penal colony" and "A rural doctor", both finished that same year

  • an episode of tuberculosis forced him to finally withdraw

  • Died in Kierling Australia on June 3

  • He finished A Hunger Artist, which features four stories that demonstrate the concise and lucid style that marked his writing at the end of his life.

  • Brod published The Trial, a dark and paranoid story that turned out to be the author's most successful novel

  • the novel Amerika was published.

  • Brod published the short story "The Great Wall of China", which Kafka had originally drawn 14 years earlier.