Frank Hager and the World Around Him

  • Born

    Born in Ohio, into a family with 3 other sisters
  • World War II

    World War II broke out
  • Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War broke out
  • JFK assasination

    John F Kennedy was shot
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964

    An act was passed that outlawed major forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, and women
  • MLK assasination

    Famous speaker and protestor Martin Luther King Jr was assasinated
  • Moved to France

    Moved with his wife, Peg, and traveled around Europe for a year
  • Neil Armstrong Walks on the Moon

    Neil Armstong became the first person to set foot on the Moon
  • Kent State Shooting

    The Ohio National Guard shot into a crowd of unarmed college students
  • Daughter Was Born

    His daughter, Leah (my mother), was born
  • 1st Teaching Job

    Started teacing in Ohio, at two different schools, then taught at a school in New York
  • Remarried

    Remarried Nell Reardon
  • Challenger Explosion

    The space shuttle, The Challenger, exploded seconds after takeoff, killing 7 astronauts
  • Daughter's Car Accident

    Leah fractured her pelvis in a car accident in France, and he had to fly to Europe to be there for her
  • 1st Grandaughter Was Born

    His daughter gave birth to his first grandbaby (me) in Arizona
  • 9/11

    The Twin Towers were toppled after terrorists hijacked planes and crashed them into the buildings
  • Retired

    Retired after 27 years of teaching English
  • 1st Grandson Was Born

    His daughter-in-law had his first grandson
  • Obama Elected for President

    The first black president, Barack Obama, was elected for president
  • Wife Retired

    His wife retired from teaching high school history