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February 1st

  • Feb 1, 1327

    Coronation of King Edward the Third

    Coronation of King Edward the Third
    Teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.
  • Robison Crusoe

    Robison Crusoe
    Alexander Selkirk (Robison Crusoe) rescued from Juan Fernadez.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Ediso completes world's first movie studio (West Orange NJ)
  • Jane Vaughn

    Jane Vaughn
    Us Female Figure Skating Championship won by Jane Vaughn
  • Laura Marling

    Laura Marling
    Laura marling, British Singer/Song Writer was born.
  • I WAS BORN!!!

    The title pretty much says it all