Far Braver to Say the Choice Lies Not in Our Stars

  • Ana Born

  • Empress' first husband dies

    Cas' sisters' father dies. Empress widowed.
  • Gabriel's mother dies

    Gabriel's angel mother dies of illness. Gabriel's human father morns her. (NOTE: Gabriel's father is very old, he is sustained by his angel's romantic or familial love)
  • Dean born

  • Empress remarries.

    Marries Gabriel's father, and Cas' eventual father.
  • Sam born

  • Castiel born

    Declared the brightest angel ever,
  • War hits Japan

    At first, it seems like a gang war taking over Japan, it isn't until the end of 1998 that Hamaliel realises that the gang war is merely a cover for an international anti angel movement
  • Duke Tabris of the USA dies, and Ana becomes Grand Duchess of the USA

  • War hits America

  • The Winchester family moves to Saint Petersberg

    War has hit the worst stage, eventually the members of the Church of Demeter are sent an evacuation order from Ana
  • Dean's mother Murdered

    General Azazel murders Mary Winchester (Method as canon)
  • The Saint Petersberg Attack

    Zachariah attacks the Saint Petersberg Palace, kills the Empress and Castiel's father, and as many other angels as possible.
    Dean Winchester helps Castiel and Gabriel to escape.
    While chasing Castiel and Gabriel, Zachariah falls through the ice they're running accross and dies.
    Azazel assumes power over the Zacharists
    Castiel loses Gabriel, recieves head trauma, and loses memory. Becomes homeless.
  • Castiel taken to the Orphanage

    After living on the streets for a year Castiel is taken to live in a demon administrated orphanage.
  • Winchesters kill Azazel

    Winchesters avenge Mary's death after an eight year search for her killer.
    John Winchester loses his life in the process.
  • Gabriel posts reward for Cas' safe return

    Dean plans to con Gabriel for the money, so that he can look after his family.
  • Castiel leaves orphanage

    Returns to Saint Petersberg to find family. Intends to go to Paris.
    Meets Dean Winchester.