Erwin Schrodinger/Kyarah Almanzar Period 2

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Erwin Schrodinger
    Today, Erwin was born. He was born in Vienna, Austria. He was also an only child.
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    The Life Time of Erwin Schrodinger

  • Erwin in college-Fritz Hasenohrl

    Erwin in college-Fritz Hasenohrl
    Erwin was a student at the University of Vienna, where he came to be under the strong influence of Fritz Hasenohrl (Ludwig Boltzmann's - Physicist theory of equipartition Kinetic Energry successor). It was Fritz Hasenohrl's lectures on theoretical physics which had the greatest influence on Schrodinger.
  • Erwin Schrodinger the assistant.

    Erwin Schrodinger the assistant.
    He was chosen to be an assistant in experimental physics instead of theoretical physics. He and his friend K.W.F.Kohlrausch assisted Franz Exner with conducting experiments for students which Erwin really didn't know much about.
  • Cause of delay in his work

    Cause of delay in his work
    Due to the start of WWI, Schrodinger's scientific progression was put on hold. Since most eligible men were serving in the war no theoritician was available to sharpen his skills by giving him mutual criticism.
  • Erwin the teacher

    Erwin the teacher
    He was sent back to Vienna from Italy, to teach a class about meteorology.
  • Annemarie Bertel - Erwin's Faithful Companion

    Annemarie Bertel - Erwin's Faithful Companion
    Erwin Schrodinger and Annemarie Bertel were married. They got engaged one year earlier.
  • Erwin meets Einstein

    Erwin meets Einstein
    He accepted the job of becoming the chairman of theoritical physics in Berlin, where he and Eienstein became colleagues after being in communication since 1925.
  • The Nobel Prize is won.

    The Nobel Prize is won.
    Erwin Schrodinger wins the nobel prize in physics because of the discovery of new productive forms of Atomic Theory. The Atomic Theory is describing the structure, behavior, and other parts of the atom and its component parts.
  • Erwin's Retirement.

     Erwin's Retirement.
    He went to the Institute of Advanced Studies, in Dublin where he became the Director for Theoretical Physics. He stayed in Dublin until his retirement.
  • The end of Erwin's life

    The end of Erwin's life
    Erwin Schrodinger dies because of a long illness.