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Ernst Mach (18 Feb 1838 - 19 Feb 1916)

  • Birth

    Mach was born on 18 February 1838 in Moravia, an eastern region in the moder. day Czech Republic.
  • Professor at University of Gratz

    Professor at University of Gratz
    In 1864 Mach accepted a position as a professor of math a Gratz. In 1866 he accepted a new position as a professor in physics. It was here that Mach began his work on "Analysis of Sensations". Mach would become discouraged by Fechner and would not finish this work for another 20 years.

    In 1883 Mach would publish what would be known as one of his most successful works, "The Science of Mechanics". One of the most notable criticisms in this is that of Newton. While Newton suggested that there was an invisible constant in the universe that an objects speed could be compared to, Mach proposed that an objects acceleration should instead be compared to the matter in the universe. Einstein would later refer to this as "Mach's Principle"
  • "Analysis of Sensation" is published

    "Analysis of Sensation" is published
    Ernst Mach publishes "Analysis of Sensation" where he suggests that everything that we know through science is based on our perception of the world through human senses. He would use the basis of this to refuse any scientific hypothesis that could not be tested. Einstein would later accredit Mach for these ideas in his Theory of Relativity. Mach. (1897). Contributions to the analysis of the sensations. The Open court publishing company, 1897.
  • Death

    Mach died on 19 February 1916, one day after his 78th birthday in a town near Munich, Germany
  • Mach's Principle

    Mach's Principle
    In 1918, two years after Mach's death, Einstein presents Mach's principle in an article. The principle is that of a link between inertia of matter and that of interstellar matter. This youtube video does a great job of showing this principle in an easily digested way.