Erik Erikson

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  • Erikson's Birth

    Erik Erikson was born in Frankfurt Germany on June 15th 1902.
    His father left his family before he was born and his mother raised him alone for three years.
  • Period: to

    Erik Erikson

  • Erikson immagrated into the United States

    The year is known but no the exact day or month.
  • Erikson goes to Yale for his career

  • Erik Erikson publishes the papers that lead to the eight stages

  • Erik Erikson Joins other psychologists in project

    Erikson joins a group of psychologist in Masacusets that work for a privite treatment for disturbed young people.
  • Erikson moves jobs

    Erikson switches jobs from A group of psychologists in Masacusets at Stockbride to a high level position in Harvard.
  • Erik Erikson retired

  • Erikson's date of death

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