English literature through the time

By leonos
  • Period: Jan 1, 731 to Jan 1, 1066

    old english literature

  • 761

    the venerable Bede

    in his monastery at Jarrow, completes his history of the english church and people.
  • 800


    the first great work of germanic literature was created, this Anglo-Saxon epic poem with more than 318 verses
  • 950

    The materials of the eddas

    take shape in Iceland, derives from norway, britain and Burgundy. this kind of poem was recited by troubadours passed orally from generation to generation.
  • 1000


    The exter book appears giving a list of kings and tribes an old English poem by 143 lineason passed orally from generation to generation.
  • Period: 1066 to 1500

    Middle English literature

    After Norman conquest of England, the anglo-saxon literature becomes less common and it is replaced in the court by the French.
  • 1375

    the courtly poem

    Sir Gawain and the green knight tells of a mysterious visitors to the round table of king Arthur, this ancient poem is an example of chivalry of knights.
  • 1385

    Troilus and Criseyde

    Chaucer completes his long poem about an ancient Troy
  • 1387

    100 cantenbury tales

    100 cantenbury tales
    Chauscer begins his most know work but only can finish 24 before his death it was written from 1387 to 1400 this is maybe one the most important text in medieval England, the autor thought to create more than 100 histories but died before he couldn't finish.
  • 1469

    Monte d'Arthur

    Thomas Malong compiles an English account of the french tales of king Arthur
  • 1549

    the bible

    the first version of the prayers book is translate from the Latin by William Tyndale
  • 1564

    A great artist has been born

    A great artist has been born
    Both of the most prolific author and exponent of the english literature born in this year. William Shakespare and Cristopher marlowe.
  • shakespeare work

    shakespeare work
    He create his work Tito Andronico, this tragedy by Willian Shakespeare. This fictional novel about Tito Andronico a roman general and the queen Tamora, this is the most violent play of the playwriter.
  • Period: to

    shakespare timeline

    he is considered the greatest writter of the english literature some of his mors prolific and well know works are
  • shakespeare work

    shakespeare work
    Romeo and Juliet, maybe the most famous play of William Shakespeare in the city of verona two families in dispute the Montesco and Capuleto, and two lovers who find the tragedy, this play is one of the most important for the modern culture.
  • shakespeare work

    shakespeare work
    Julio Cesar, et tu brutus was the words Julio Cesar told to Brutus before Julio's died, this play tell us the cnspiracy that give death to Julio Cesar and how each one of them find their death.
  • shakespeare work

    shakespeare work
    Hamlet, be or not to be this famous phrase comes from this play, in this play we see how the prince Hamlet find the gosth of his father who told him he was murdered by his uncle Claudio, Hamlet then we see how Hamlet decend in conspiracy, deception and moral ambiguity.
  • shakespeare work

    shakespeare work
    Othello, The Moor of Venice, It tell us the story of Othello the moor and his love of Desdemona.
  • Volpone

    the author Ben Jhonson uses his playwright as a satirical voice to the puritanism of his time
  • shakespeare work

    shakespeare work
    Macbeth, this story of ambition tell us the story about Mcbeth this general coming back from a succesful campaing hear three witches that prophesy that he will be king, this trigger a serier of action in this character to reach his ambitions.
  • shakespeare work

    the last play the tempest is performed
  • the temple

  • Lycidas

    the work of the authos John Milton is published.
  • Period: to

    Restoration age

    There is an official break in literature under the censorship under Cromwell's puritan regima.
  • Paradaise lost

    Paradaise lost
    this work is published by John Milton, this story tell us the fall of Adam and Eve from the paradise by Satan.
  • essay

    John locke published his Essay concerning Human understanding, where he argues that all knowledge comes from the experience of each individual.
  • Period: to

    Augustan Literature

  • Robinson Crusoe

    Robinson Crusoe
    Daniel Defoe publishes his work, it can be seen as the first english novel, the story of the castaway and his adventude in the wild surviving.
  • Gulliver's travel

    Gulliver's travel
    Jonathan Swift create one of the most well know hero of the english literature Gulliver and his travel to different island each one with a different kind of society.
  • Period: to

    Age of sensibility

  • song of innocense

    William Blake publishes a volume of his best poems, this collection of 19 poems talk about happines and innocense.
  • tyger, tyger burning bright

    William blake in his volume of poems song of innocense and experience includes this iconic poem.
  • Period: to


  • Pride and Prejudice

    written by Jane Austin, this novel follow the development of Elizabet Bennet and it is based in the work first imppression of 1797
  • ozymandias

    Percy Bysshe Shellie publishes his best-know poem the sonnet of ozymandia. "My name is ozymandias king of kings" "Look at my work, ye mighty, and despair"
  • Period: to

    Victorian Literature

  • A christmas carol

    Charles Dickens create one of the christmas classics of all time produced in several movies and tv shows showing how important is this story for our culture. It tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge in his story of redention and change from a stingy to an generous human.
  • David Copperfield

    Charles Dickens begins the publication of this work in monthly numbers.
  • the origin of the species

    with this work Charles Darwin puts foward the teory of evolution, one of the most important works for the biology.
  • Great expectations

    this work was published by Charles Dickens.
  • Alice's adventure in wonderland

    the writer Charles Dogson create this work in 1865, this tale plays with the logic and perception of the reality. Lewis Carroll publishes in 1872 through the lookin glass, a continuacion of the adventures of Alice.
  • A detective story

    sir Conan Doyle create one of the most well-know character Sherlock Holmes a detective who uses the deduction as his greatest tool to resolve the cases.
  • the picture of dorian Gray

    Oacar wilde publishes his novel the picture of dorian gray
  • Lady Windermere's fan

    this comedy by Oscar wilde is a great sucess.
  • the Jungle book

    we know the story of the little mowgli a kid raised by wolves and his interaction with differente animals like the vengeful tiger shere Khan. this work was published by Rudyard Kipling.
  • time machine

    time machine
    H. G. Wells publishes his science fiction work about a time traveller in his journey and Oscar wilde comedy The Importance of Bleing earnest is in theaters.
  • Dracula

    Bran Stoker creates one of the horror protagonist of all times Dracula tell the story of a man damned with living forever feeding of the blood of the human.
  • the war of the worlds

    H. G. Wells creates his science-fiction novel about the encounter of two civilisations, this work inspired an infamous radio transmition that creates havoc in the USA.
  • Period: to

    Modern era

  • The Ambassador

    created by Henry James and his last novel The Golden Bowl in 1904 also J. M. Barries creates a child that do not want to grow up and live in neverland with pirates, mermaids and indians. Peter Pan or the boy who wouldn't grow up.
  • The railway Children

    created by E. Nesbit
  • H. G. Wells

    he create a series of works like The history of Mr Polly.
  • D. H. Lawrence

    this author creates The while Peacock in 1911. the rainbow in 1915, women in love in 1920.
  • Mrs Dalloway

    Virginia Wolf publishes her novle about the a single day
  • Winnie-the-Pooh

    In A. A. Milnes creates one of the most beloved characters for kids, the story of Christofer Robin and his adventure with the different charactes in the forest of thousand Acres.
  • the waves

    virginia Wolfs publishes hes novel.
  • Tha shape of things to come

    publishes by H. G. Wells.
  • I. Claudio

    the autobiography of the roman emperor created by the ghost-writer Robert Graves, it was also produced as a tv series one of my favorites.
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm
    "all animals are equals, but some animals are more equals tahn others" written by George Orwell, this fable about rise of the animals to power a corruption of the power, a critique to the communist system.
  • Stefen king

    Stefen king
    stephen king is one of the names most recognised in the current years his work embrease several kind of types of literature from the horror to the novel some of his best know works are the shining, Carrie, the dark tower, it, the green mile, Rita haywort and Shawshank Redemption.
  • 1984

    Also created by George Orwell, in this novel tell the story of a dystopic future where the big brother sees everything and hears everythins if animal farm was a critique to the communism 1984 is a critique of the facism.
  • Agent 007

    Agent 007
    created by Ian Fleming, James Bond is the most famous spy of the world in his first novel "casino royale" since then we have several character playing James Bond in multiple adventures.
  • the lord of the rings

    J.R.R. Tolkien publishes the third and final volume of his epic fantasy. this story tell us the end of the story of Bilbo, Gandalf and other throug the middle earth.
  • Dune

    this novel of sci fiction was produced by Frank Herbert, this story is centered in a far away planet called Arrakis, this novel is centered on the mines of spice and how several faction truies to take control of these resources.
  • the children of men

    this piece of sci fiction work was published in 1992, this book tell us a story about a dystopic future where no human has born for several years the humanity is dying, but there is hope a new baby is about to born and everyone try to protec or take possesion of this baby.
  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter
    This new series of books created by J. K. Rowling tell us a story about a boy who discover is a mage, we follow this story for seven books from 1997 to 2007, althoush it is not as good as the lord of the rings it transform one generation is reader that is why it is in this list