Edward Tulane's Timeline

  • Edward lived with Abilene

    Abilene realy really really loved Edward .
  • Took a trip on Queen Mary.

    And Abilene ggrandma told them a story.
  • He sunk to the botom of the ocean

    He sunk to the botom of the ocean
    He got tossed off by some rude boys.He stayed there for 297 days!
  • A fisherman found him

    A fisherman found him
    The caught him on a fishing line.
  • Edward became a girl rabbitt

    A old women made a drese for him.
  • The fisherman's daughter is coming.

    The fisherman's daughter is a greaty girl!
  • The fisherman's daughter Loly took Edward to the dump.

    Loly thinks Edward is geting all the atenchshon.
  • A dog named lucy rescued him.

    The dog named Lucy likes to eat rabbit.
  • Edward was named Mylone

    A hoboe found Edward and named him Mylone .
  • Edward got kicked off a train

    Edward got kick off a train by a train person.
  • A old womem took him home.

    The old women was poor ,so she didin't have that much materials to build a scarcrow.
  • The old women turned him in to a scarcrow .

    The old women was por but, she had a big garden with alot of crows.
  • A boy took him home to his sick sister .

    The boy's name is Brice.
  • Brice's sister deid

    Brice's sister was very very sick
  • Edward's head broke .

    Brice was hungery ,and he ordered a lot of food , he didn't have enough money for the food , the chef got mad and Brice made Edward dance and he got mad. The chef swang him around and hit his head on the counter and it shattered .
  • Edwared had a dream

    Edwared had a dream
    The dream was going to heaven.
  • Edward got fix by a doll mender

    Brice took Edward to the doll mender in tears.
  • Edward said "I'm not loving anymore "

    Edward was heart broken . He was very , very sad because all his loved ones were gone.
  • A 100 year old doll convinst him to love.

    The doll told Edward to believe and someone will buy you.
  • A 5 year old girl found Edward.

    The girl's mother was Abilene !
  • And Edward lived with Abilene .

    Edward lived happily after !