Eddi "Koiki" Mabo

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  • Born

    Born on Mer, the son of Robert Zezou Sambo and Annie Mabo of the Piadaram clan. Because his mother died in childbirth, he was adopted under customary law by his uncle Benny Mabo and aunt Maiga.
  • Married Bonita Nehow

    Married Bonita Nehow
  • Becomes a Secretary

    Becomes a Secretary
    Positioned as a secretary at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advancement League (ATSIAL)
  • Organizes

    Helps organize a seminar called "We the Australians" in Townsville...
  • Resigned from ATSIAL

    Resigned from ATSIAL
    He believes some members are insincere and "do-gooders"
    In the same year he also becomes the president for all the black council for the rights of Indigenous people...
  • Prevented from entering Mer

    Prevented from entering Mer
    Mabo is disallowed from entering the island of Mer to visit his dying father.
  • Goes to University

    Goes to University
    Studies the Diploma of Teaching at James Cook University...
  • First Land Rights case begins

    First Land Rights case begins
  • Queensland Coast Islands Declatory Act

    Queensland Coast Islands Declatory Act
    This Act was ruled to the Hight Court to the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act in 1988...
  • Eddi "Koiki" Mabo dies.

    Eddi "Koiki" Mabo dies.