Dear Sylvia

  • Stuck in the Banastare

    Leronrad gets his head stuck which is important because it interests you into reading more.
  • Owens Birthday

    Owen got 20 envolopes from Slyvia, which is important becasue he can write her letters.
  • Mom gets a job

    It is important because there will be no problems anymore.
  • Mom and Dad's fight.

    Mom and Dad's fight.
    Mom has a fight with her husband, and casues problems at home.
  • Dad writes a book.

    Dad quits his job so he could write a book, which causes more problems at home.
  • Owen finds out

    Owen find`s out that he has been spelling DEER wrong all
    along. It's important because Owen thinks if he gave the letters Slyivia will think he's an idiot.
  • Family Vacation

    Brings the family closer together,and casues less fighting.
  • Scotish Dancing

    Scoitsh dancing is important becasue it brigns Owen and Slyvia closer together.
  • Dinner

    In dinner Owen's dad meet a girl named Rebecca and she says "oh hi" and then she left. Seperating Owens mom and dad.
  • new house

    Owen and his family getting a new house in Elgin, seprates Owen and Sylivia even more.
  • new job

    Dad gets a new job, its important because it relates to the book he wrote.