Dc heroes

DC Comics

  • Founded

    DC comics first appearance in history under the alias of National Allied Publications
  • Origin of Big Comic Magazine #1

    Release of The Big Comic Magazine #1
  • The Golden Age

    The appex of comic books history
  • Birth of Superman

    Birth of Superman
    Action comics comes out with its first appearance of Superman
  • Birth of Wonder Woman

    Thought to be a replicated Superman, Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in Wonder Comics
  • Birth of Batman

    Birth of Batman
    Detective comics comes out with its first appearance of Batman
  • Renaming of DC

    The DC company Renames its company after the world's first and greatest superhero, Superman-DC
  • The birth of the Flash

    The first appearance of the Flash in Flash Comics
  • Birth of Robin

    Throughout the years, there were five robins in total, of which only 1 of them survived long enough to take up the dark knights mantle.
  • Birth of Green Lantern

    Birth of Green Lantern
    The All American Comics comes out with the Green Lantern
  • Aquamans birth

    Aquamans birth
    Aquamans first appearance as king of the Atlantic
  • The Silver Age

    A time of which DC decided to bring new heroes into the DC universe
  • DC Multiverse

    The DC Universe is split into multiple versions and variations of DCs greatest heroes into multiple worlds and universes.
  • Batwoman

    Batmans first partner in crime reveiled, at which she will eventually become crippled from a bullet to her spine.
  • Birth of Supergirl

    Birth of Supergirl
    Supermans first child is brought to life
  • Bizzaro

    The first appearance of Supermans reciprical.
  • The creation of The Justice League.

    The creation of The Justice League.
    The thought that all of the dozens of superheroes in the DC universe would combine under one team and rotated between dozens of heroes for decades.
  • Birth of Bat-Girl

    First appearing in Batman comic #139
  • Creation of the Teen Titans

    Creation of the Teen Titans
    The idea of teen superheroes trying to take on adult responsablities.
  • DC Implosion

    A marketing campaign in which DC created and sold more comic books then ever before.
  • First Superman Movie

    The first movie for the man of steel himself
  • The creation of the Watchmen

    The creation of the Watchmen
    The Watchmen group was an alternative to the traditional DC superhero stories, more of an alternative reality in the 80s
  • Doomsday

    The first appearance of The Man of Steel's greatest enemy
  • Death of Superman

    Death of Superman
    The story tells of Superman and Doomsday's engagement in which the conclusion was with Doomsdays death followed by Supermans only seconds after.
  • Ressurection of Superman

    Being Kryptonian, This allowed superman to not actually die, but to be in a habernative state until the sun could restart his body again.
  • Supermen of America

    Supermen of America
    This was the process of which Lex Luthor tried creating other meta humans like Superman to try to replace him during his absence
  • Batman vs Superman

    Batman vs Superman
    A battle between the dark knight and the man of steel in which Batman bested superman moments before his own death.
  • Damian wayne

    Bruce waynes son and heir to his furtune. Damian eventually trys to kill the Dark knight and take up his fathers mantle as Gotham's Protector