David bloor

David Bloor Timeline (1942-Present)

  • Brith

    David Bloor was born on 28 June 1942 in Derby, United Kingdom.
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    Dr. David Bloor started his career at the University of Keele in 1960, where he obtained his first Bachelor of Arts.
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    Education Cont'd

    Dr. Bloor went on to obtain another Bachelor of Arts along with his Master of Arts from the Trinity College, Cambridge in in 1966.
  • Education Cont'd

    In 1971 Dr. Bloor received his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh.
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    The Strong Programme

    Dr. Bloor, along with Barry Barnes and other advocates, stared the "Strong Programme" at the Edinburgh School of sociology. The Strong Program had a foundation built on four norms, introduced by Dr. Bloor; casual, impartiality, symmetry, and reflexivity.
  • Knowledge and Social Imagery

    Dr. Bloor authored the book "Knowledge and Social Imagery" which introduced the four principal tenets outlined for the Strong Program.
  • John Desmond Bernal Prize

    Dr. Bloor received the John Desmond Bernal Prize in 1996 as a direct result from his contributions to the field of Sociology.
  • Scientific Knowledge: A Sociological Analysis

    Dr. Bloor, along with John Henry and Barry Barnes, authored "Scientific Knowledge: A Sociological Analysis." This book highlights introduces "finitism." The construct of finitism suggests seeks to explain how scientific claims, or knowledge, is often designed to fit within specific social structures.