David Bloor 1942-Current

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  • Notable work by David Bloor

    Bloor, David (1983). Wittgenstein: a social theory of knowledge. Macmillan and Columbia
    Bloor, David (1991) [1976]. Knowledge and social imagery (2nd ed.). Chicago, Illinois
  • David Bloor

    David Bloor was born in 1942, In Derby, United Kingdom. He is currently a professor in, and a former director of, the Science Studies Unit at the University of Edinburgh. He was key figure in the development of the field of science and Technology studies.
  • knowledge and Social Imagery

    David Bloor's key work was work was his book "Knowledge and Social Imagery" which also contributes to his major role in the strong programme. It helped put forth queries in understanding scientific knowledge. With this approach, it was popular in the philosophy of science, which treated science knowledge that was successful as if it was rationally true without investigating how such knowledge could be accepted.
  • David Bloor's success.

    David bloor advocated a bold hypothesis on any form of sociology of science take in setting out the four central tenets of his "strong programme". Bloor was awarded the John Desmond Bernal prize by the society of social studies of science.
  • Potrait of David Bloor

    Potrait of David Bloor