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Crazy Horse by: Zoey

  • He was Born

    He was Born
    Crazy Horse was born in 1840. As a boy, Crazy Horse was called Curly.
  • What Crazy Horse Heard

    	What Crazy Horse Heard
    Crazy Horse grew up hearing warrior’s exciting tales of war, parties and buffalo hunts.
  • The Lakota People

    The Lakota People
    The Lakota did not want white people on their land. Settlers brought diseases and hurt the land.
  • Great Leader

    Great Leader
    By 1876 Crazy Horse was a great leader of his people.
  • When he was killed

    When he was killed
    He was killed in September 1877 by a soldier.
  • Today

    Crazy horse is remembered for being a great leader and being a kind person.