• Period: to

    A Crabbe's Tale

  • Trouble, Trouble. and Trouble

    Caught by gym teacher, Drinking
  • Crabbe Starts packing

    Crabbe starts planning for his adventure to run away.

    Crabbe gets Busted for being tipsy in gym class.
  • Crabbe makes a run fo it

    Crabbe gets delayed by, his parents but, after a few hours, He's home-free!
  • Crabbe finds trouble

    Crabbe leaves out sweets and gets bear-attacked.
  • A dive of the falls

    Crabbe takes a fall from the Falls and winds up unconcious with an...Erotic dream.
  • Crabbe Meet Mary

    After falling off a waterfall and gets his butt saved by, miss Mary.
  • Check them out

    Crabbe and Mary spend an hour or so, Checking the Lines.
  • Cooking Class

    Crabbe learns to Make nice Fish dinners after learning to Gut, and skin them properly. He also learns how to Dry berries, and Meats.
  • Take a Hike

    Mary leaves Crabbe to take a hike by himself in the bush, after many lessons of teaching him how to fend for himself.
  • Pipe's the word.

    Mary gives him a Pipe her father used to spoke to help with cravings for "Silent Sam"
  • Say I love you to me

    Mary thinks it's time for Crabbe to go. But, Crabbe Fights back and Admits his love to her.
  • Help

    There is Food in a cabin filled wit Drunk hunters. In order to steal from these Guys, they've got to be extra sneaky, only to get Mary caught, and possibly raped.
  • Mary Dies

    Mary Jumps (Or falls) off a cliff
  • Truth Finds Crabbe

    Crabbe Finds out about Mary. Who she was, and Who she had killed.
  • Take a Hitchhike

    He gets a ride from a stranger to a nearby clinic. Next stop??? Hospital.
  • One night in camp.

    Hypothermia has set in. He is lucky to find an unlocked-empty cabin with a stove. After a little struggle it's home-free warmth.
  • Just in time

    With Swolen Fingers only a few days ago, he gets his two fingers amputated right. in. time.
  • Check in

    Crabbe finds himself checking into a hospital.
  • Face to Face

    Crabbe Comes face to face with his family after being away for so long. It's not a very happy ending.
  • Jobs and Work and Community

    Crabbe gets a Job at a factory, and volenteers to help out with the foundation his boss does