Christopher isham

Christopher Isham (Apr. 24 1944 - Present Day)

  • Born

    Christopher Isham was born on April 4th, 1944. There are no resources that provide information as to his birthplace. It can be assumed that he was born in the U.K. or western Europe because of his enrollment into Imperial College London.
  • Earns PhD

    Earns PhD
    In 1969, at the age of 25, Christopher Isham earns his PhD from the Imperial College London for Theoretical Physics. The Imperial College London is located in London, England. Christopher will later work as a Professor for the college. Works Cited
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  • Nonlocal Conformal Anomalies

    Christopher Isham collaborates with several Physicists on the publication "Nonlocal Conformal Anomalies". Here is a portion of the abstract: "The vacuum polarization by external gauge fields of conformally invariant quantum field systems is shown to manifest a new, non-local, type of trace anomaly when gauge-invariant dimensional regularisation is used." CIted: (citation is too large)
  • Period: to

    Professor at Imperial College London

    Christopher Isham was a professor at the Imperial College London for 26 years. During this period he continued his work as a theoretical physicist.
  • Quantom Concept in Space and Time

    In 1989, both Roger Penrose (theoretical physicist) and Christopher Isham collaberate on the book Quantom Concept in Space and Time. This is a portion of the abstract: "Recent developments in quantum theory have focused attention on fundamental questions, in particular on whether it might be necessary to modify quantum mechanics to reconcile quantum gravity and general relativity." Cited: (citation was too large)
  • Canonical quantum gravity and the problem of time

    Christopher Isham makes a publication that addresses what he believes is the problem in Canonical quantum gravity and time. Here is a portion of his abstract from this publication: "This problem originates in the fundamental conflict between the way the concept of ‘time’ is used in quantum theory, and the role it plays in a diffeomorphism-invariant theory like general relativity." Cited: Isham, C. Recent Problems in Mathematical Physics. 1992.
  • HPO Fomalism

    HPO Fomalism
    HPO Fomalism is an approach to temporal quantum logic developed by Christopher Isham. It deals with the logical structure of quantum mechanical propositions asserted at different points in time. HPO Fomalism was one of Christopher's most proud works. Linked is the paper Christopher published to explain his idea.
  • Earns Award

    Earns Award
    In 2011, Christopher Isham earns the prestigious Dirac Medal for his contributions to science and his search for a consistent quantum theory of gravity. The Dirac Medal is awarded annually for outstanding contributions to theoretical physics. Some previous awardees include Stephen Hawking, John Stewart Bell, and Michael Berry.
  • On Religion and God

    Christopher Isham is one of the few Theoretical Physcists that belive in God. In the two videos attached he discusses how religion and science can often conflict with each other and influence one another.
    Video #2: