Charles Sanders Peirce (September 10, 1839 - April 19, 1914)

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  • Birthdate

    Charles Sanders Peirce was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the son of Benjamin Peirce, a Harvard University mathematics professor (Peters, 2011).
  • Alma mater

    Alma mater
    By the year of 1863, Peirce had received a degree in philosophy and chemistry from Harvard University.
  • Semiotics was coined by Peirce

    Semiotics was coined by Peirce
    Which involves three subjects, the sign, its object and its interpretant. This was pertinent into Peirce understanding logic as formal semiotic.
  • Pragmatism coined by Peirce

    Pragmatism coined by Peirce
  • Popular Science Monthly

    Popular Science Monthly
  • Death (April 19, 1914)

    Charles Sanders Peirce died in Milford, Pennsylvania. After his death his widow wife sold unpublished manuscripts to Harvard University.
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    Charles Sanders Peirce was employed by the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, surveying and carrying out geodetic investigations. He also taught mathematics intermittently at Harvard University.
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    Popular Works

    Some of Peirce's most popular works were two articles in a series of six entitled Illustrations of the Logic of Science and was published in in Popular Science Monthly. The first article entitled " The Fixation of Belief", Peirce defended in a manner of consistent with not accepting naive realism. The superiority of the scientific method over other methods of overcoming doubt and "fixing belief." The second article Peirce defended a "pragmatic" notion of clear concepts ( Burch, n.d).