Cecil rhodes

Cecil Rhodes

  • Rhodes Born

  • Cecil started growing cotton with his brother in Natal

  • "Diamond Fever" began attracting Cecil and his brother

  • Cecil and brother from Natal begin their search for diamonds in their personal mines

  • Returned to England to go to Oxford

  • Rhodes revealed his British Imperialism ideas in his will after a heart-attack

  • Rhodes formed business called De Beer's Mining Company

  • Elected to the Cape Parliament

  • Period: to

    Rhodes gets much richer

  • Recieved Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oxford University

  • Rhodes secured mining grants from Lobengula

  • Rhodes persuades British to send charter to begin B.S.A.C.

  • White settlers on Lobengula's territory because of BSAC

  • Rhodes became the premier of the Cape

  • Restricted Africans' educational and property qualifications

  • Ndebele crushed by British forces in War of 1893

  • Rhodes set up the new system of "native administration"

  • Rhodes rushed his idea and plotted a rebellion against Boer

  • Leander Jamesonturns in Rhodes for his plot

  • Rhodes resigned his premiership because of Jameson

  • rhodes trpped inside Kimberley during the Anglo-Boer war

  • Released From Kimberley

  • Traveled Europe and returned to Cape

  • Cecil rhodes death in Muizenberg, South Africa