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  • Birth of Father

    Birth of Father
    Calvin Coolidge's father John Calvin Coolidge Sr. was born on Mar. 31st, 1845 in Plymouth, VT.
  • Birth of 1st Mother

    Birth of 1st Mother
    Calvin Coolidge's 1st Mother Victoria Josephine Brown was born on Mar. 14th, 1846 in Pinney Hollow, VT.
  • Birth of 2nd mother

    Caroline Athelia Brown Coolidge was born in Plymouth, VT. on Jan 22, 1857
  • Birth of Calvin Coolidge

    Birth of Calvin Coolidge
    John Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4th, 1872 in Plymouth, VT. Formally named after his father
  • Birth of sister

    Birth of sister
    Abigail Gratia Coolidge was born, a younger sister of his
  • Death of 1st Mother

    Death of 1st Mother
    Victoria Josephine moor Coolidge died slowly from tuberculosis at age 39
  • Death of sister

    Death of sister
    Abigail Gratia Coolidge died of appendicitis
  • Graduation

    Coolidge graduated from Amherst college June 26th, 1895 and was in college for 4 years
  • Marriage

    Coolidge married a woman by the name of Grace Anna Goodhue in Oct. 4th, 1905
  • Occupation

    In 1906 - 1915 Calvin Coolidge was the mayor of Northampton, Mass.
  • Birth of 1st Son

    Birth of 1st Son
    John Coolidge was born Sept 7, 1906
  • Birth of 2nd Son

    Birth of 2nd Son
    Calvin Coolidge was born on Apr 13, 1908
  • Death of 2nd Mother

    Caroline Athelia Brown Coolidge died at age 63
  • Inauguration

    Inaugurated Vice president
  • Term in office

    Term in office
    Calvin Coolidge served his presidency term from Aug. 3rd, 1923 - Mar. 3rd, 1929
  • Age at inauguration

    Age at inauguration
    Calvin Coolidge was 51 years and 30 days old when he was inaugurated
  • Martial Law and KKK

    Martial Law and KKK
    Governor J. C. Walton places Oklahoma under martial law in order to suppress the increasing terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan
  • His first state of Union

    His first state of Union
    In his first State of the Union address, He states his opposition to government interference with business and calls for lowering taxes.
  • Immigration Law

    Immigration Law
    Congress passes a new immigration law with even more restrictions than those established by a temporary act two years earlier.
  • death of 2nd son

    death of 2nd son
    Calvin Coolidge died from blood poisoning
  • Coolidge Elected

    Coolidge Elected
    Coolidge wins the election easily with 382 electoral votes.
  • The U.S. and World Court

    The Senate adopts a resolution allowing the United States to join the World Court in the event that U.S. participation accord with five separate conditions.
  • Revenue Act becomes Law

    Revenue Act becomes Law
    the goal of cutting the size of the Federal government, the Act reduces income taxes as well as other duties.
  • Death of Father

    Death of Father
    John Calvin Coolidge Sr. died from appendicitis at age 80
  • Canceling French debt

    France and the United States sign an agreement that eventually cancels sixty percent of the French debt from the Great War.
  • Marines land in Nicaragua

    Marines land in Nicaragua
    The U.S. Marines land in Nicaragua to a revolt. America military forces will stay in Nicaragua until 1933.
  • Air Commerce Act passed

    Air Commerce Act passed
    The Act involves plane owners to have a license
  • Date of death

    Date of death
    John Calvin Coolidge died from a heart attack at 60 years old
  • Funeral

    Calvin Coolidge was buried at Notch Cemetery, Plymouth Notch, Plymouth, VT.
  • death of 1st son

    death of 1st son
    John Coolidge die of old age