Cab Calloway

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  • Before the Fame

    Before the Fame
    He was born in Rochester, New York around Christmas day. His father Cabell Calloway II was a lawyer. And his mother was a teacher and church organist.
  • Beginning of music career

    Beginning of music career
    Calloway's mother began to arrange vocal lessons with Ruth Mcabee.
  • Education

    Calloway graduates from high school in Baltimore.
  • Career

    Calloway features in Hollywood film "The Singing Kid".
  • Music career

    Music career
    Calloway had made the decision of disbanding and became a contract band.
  • Musical

    He had starred in a hit revival of “Hello Dolly”.
  • Tour

    Calloway had lead the Woody Herman Orchestra.
  • Films

    Calloway has participated in films such as “The Cotton Club”.
  • Family

    His grandson appeared with him in the Kennedy Center concert.
  • Death

    He had suffered and died from a stroke in a Delaware nursing home.