Buddy Rich

  • Agreat musician is born

    Agreat musician is born
    Buddy Rich was born in new york in 1917
  • Period: to

    Buddy Rich

    Principal moments in the life of drummer buddy rich
  • Enter in the world of the Jazz

    Enter in the world of the Jazz
    Buddy Rich started to play jazz in 1937
  • Bunny Berigan

    Bunny Berigan
    Buddy Rich found by first time with Bunny Berigan, a very famous jazz player
  • Artie Shaw

    Buudy records a CD with the musician Artie Shaw who helps him to arrive at fame
  • Benny Carter

    Benny Carter
    With the musician Benny Carter in his life, Rich decides to left his band DORSEY and play alone
  • A new band

    A new band
    After have plaied alone for a few years, Rich decides to make a new band
  • A bigger and bigger band

    A bigger and bigger band
    In 1966 Rich makes one the best jazz band in USA

    Rich develops more and more playing drums
  • The great musician dies

    The great musician dies
    Buddy dies for an heart attack
  • The lost west side story tapes

    A movie of all his life is filmed in this year
  • Tribute

    years after his dead a celebration or tribute is made