Bobby McMullen's Life!

  • Bobby is born!

    This is the year Bobby McMullen is born! It is the start of happiness, but health issues. "Every day I get up, I am thankful for the life I have, and every day gives me the opportunity to push limits, beyond limits, and show what we are capable of!"- Bobby McMullen
  • Bobby gets daibetes.

    Youtube; Look for Bobby McMullen or The Way Bobby Sees it He got Type 1 diabetes at age 12. This is the cause of almost all of his major health issues.
  • Bobby Mcmullen is in Law school and becomes Blind.

    Bobby McMullen enters Law schoolat age 29.During his classes, he experiences blindness because of his diabetes.
  • Bobby is skiing, but then goes on dialysis.

    Bobby got accepted to the U.S. Disabled ski team. Then, he gets sick, has kidney failure, and is on dialysis. Bobby is always positive, even through dialysis, and says, "I've never had a depressed day in my life."
  • Bobby recieves his first double transplant.

    Team Clif Bar; Bobby's Sponser Bobby's transplant is with his pancreas and kindney. This is his first one ever!
  • Bobby is back on dialysis, again.

    Bobby has signs of kidney failure,again, and goes on his second round of dialysis.
  • Bobby is rejected by his organs and is back on dialysis.

    Bobby experiences his organs rejecting him, and is on dialysis for the third time.
  • Bobby starts taking his medication after his second double transplant.

    After his second double transplant, Bobby has to keep up his immune system. To keep that, he takes 32 pills a day!
  • Bobby starts riding his bike full time.

    Ride Blind Racing; Bobby's Website This is when he does 25 different mountain bike races, and it goes on all year.
  • Bobby does Race Across America.

    this race is 3,000 mile long, and is meant for Team Donate Life, to raise money for transplants.
  • Bobby goes to the XTerra Mountain Bike Championship.

    He was on the CBS news, during this time, and is featured in many mountain bike magazines in this race.
  • Bobby is featured in many films about his life.

    Poison Oak Productions films "The Way Bobby Sees It", on the course of the Downiville Classic, which is considered the most challenging in the country.
  • Bobby practices for the Downiville Classic.

    This is when he pratices for the Downiville Classic with his guide. Also when he judges himself, his guide, and the course.
  • Bobby attends the Euro Cup Super Enduro.

    This race wa sin Sauze d' Oulx, Italy. He was the first impaired rider to ever ride this course.
  • Bobby starts making inspiring speaches.

    In this year, Bobby travels to many places, to tell people about himself. He goes to New York, World cup MTB, and the Windham resort for the Adaptive Sports Program.
  • Bobby gets married!

    Bobby got married this year! He got married to his love, Heidi!
  • Today Bobby is inspiring us.

    Today is inspiring us with everything he does. "Life is made up of moments; good moments, bad moments, good jokes, bad jokes, laughter, tears, success, and failures, but all are moments that make up who we are. Celebrate each of your moments, and live each moment like it was the last thign you will do in this life. When you look back, you will be proud of who you are."- Bobby McMullen