Bob Marley

  • bob marley was born

    Robert Nesta Marley was born in Nine Miles a small to wn north of the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. son of Cedella Booker and Norval Marley
  • Period: to


    Cedella Marley struggled every day to bring up her son, lived in poverty and then there were not many resources, so that at home had no water or electricity.
  • Period: to

    childhood,adolescence and early youth.

    Bob Marley had to endure ridicule and scorn by black Jamaicans in their capacity as mule.
    But after Bob was indifferent to these rebuffs and said do not be ashamed of their racial mix
  • Bob Marley is involved in an audition for a music producer

    Bob Marley is involved in an audition for a music producer
    Bob Marley is involved in an audition for a music producer named Leslie Kong, impressed, invited him to record some songs
  • Period: to

    golden age

  • the way of music to bob

    the way of music to bob
    Bob decided that the best way to achieve his dream, he had raised at all, we will not know, by a group. He shared his idea with Bunny and Peter and the three formed the "Wailing Wailers"
  • the first single

    the first single
    Dodd 1963 saw the Wailing Wailers and decided to promote the group. The Wailing Wailers released their first single. "Simmer Down".
  • marries the mother of bob

    marries the mother of bob
    Bob's mother, Cedella, had remarried and moved to Delaware, United States, after a major economic effort. She wanted to give Bob a new life in this country, but before the trip, he met Rita Anderson, and February 10, 1966 they married.
    Bob Marley spent just eight months with his mother in Wilmington, Delaware. They get a job at the night shift at a Chrysler automobile plant
  • visita de Emperador Hailè Selassiè

    visita de Emperador Hailè Selassiè
    renewed the important Rastafarian movement on the island. Bob's approach to the Rastafari belief starts to be reflected in his music.
  • Bob accepted an invitation

    Bob accepted an invitation
    Johnny Nash to accompany Sweden, once you sign a contract with CBS, which was also the record of American
  • apolitical pacifist

    apolitical pacifist
    Bob Marley was then a political peace in Jamaica, a musician and a true and dedicated proponent of the Rastafarian faith.
  • articipate in a free concer

    Bob Marley decided to participate in a free concert at National Heroes Park in Kingston on December 5, 1976
  • articipate in a free concer

    articipate in a free concer
    Right at the start the European tour, Marley became a foot injury playing football. In July 1977 it was discovered that had formed acral lentiginous melanoma, a malignant form of melanoma, the big toe of his right foot. Despite his illness, Bob wanted to go ahead with scheduled performances and no cancer was removed and put on treatment.
    He participated actively in the preparation of a world tour that would take place in 1980. The intention was that the group Inner Circle will act as support act