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Bill Gates biography

  • bill gates is born

    he is born
  • graduated from lakeside

    he graduated from lake side and then enrolled into Harvard university to study law
  • drops out of Harvard

    he drops out of harvard to pursue his buisness, Microsoft with his partner allen
  • founding of microsoft

  • writes a complaint to computer hobbyist

    for stealing his computer software
  • Microsoft grossing at 2.5 million

  • Period: to

    Microsoft boomed

    money went from 2.5 million to 16 million, staff went from 25 to 128
  • Bill's partner Allen resigns from microsoft

    because of cancer
  • microsoft went global

    they had offices in great britian and japan. an estimated 30% of all computers ran their software.
  • gates launched windows

  • bill and Melinda established the William H. Gates Foundation

  • stepped down from day to day operations

  • the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation created from 28 billion dollars

  • gates announced he was stepping down from

    full time work in microsoft
  • stepped down as chairman to pursue

    the Bill & Melinda gates foundation
  • donated 120 million through his foundation against corona