• The day bill gates was born

    The day bill gates was born he was born in Washington Seattle oct 28.
  • THe sataus of a 19 year old boy becoming a billionaire

    So by the age 31 that right there made him the youngest person to achieve himself in membership with the upper class men
  • a born bissness man

    As well as a technical wizard gates to peple magazines profiles is sofware what edision was to light bulb part of innovator parts of a enterpreenur part salesman and he was a full time genius
  • Gates got hooked on it

    completely engrossed gates and his 3 friends like paul Allena co-founder of microsoft go stated on lakeside programming groups
  • Gates was becoming a symbol of american supremacy

    in computer technology. so gates is in faced that people use to humanize while one of the worlds fastest growing industries.