Bill Clinton Timeline

  • Bill Clinton 1946

    In April, before Clinton was born, his father was killed in a car crash. August 19 Clinton is born. Clinton lives with his mother's parents while his mother attends school to become a nurse.
  • Bill Clinton 1962

    On July 24, he attends the American Legion Boy's Nation event in Washington D.C. and meets President John F. Kennedy.
  • Bill Clinton 1972

    Clinton gets involved in politics by working on the campaign of the Democratic candidate for president, George McGovern.
  • Bill Clinton 1974

    He runs for a position in Congress; however, he loses to the Republican representative named Paul Hammerschmidt.
  • Bill Clinton 1978

    On November 7 Clinton is elected as the Governor of Arkansas at the age of 32.
  • Bill Clinton 1980

    On February 27, his daughter Chelsea is born. On November 4 Clinton loses his bid for reelection as Arkansas governor.
  • Bill Clinton 1972

    Clinton graduates from Yale Law School. In September he starts teaching law at the University of Arkansas.