Beethoven rocker

Big Boy Beethoven

  • First Known Public Performance

    When his faher was announcing his perfomance he said that Beethoven was six when he was actually almost eight.
  • First Published Peice

    Some time in 1982 when Beethoven was 12 years old he published his first peice of music, 9 variations in C minor, The next year someone wrote about him in a magazine called "Magizine of Music"
  • His Father Died

    This is the day that Beethovens' father died, he was very dear to beethoven because he was the one who got Beethoven started with music.
  • Starts his 9th symphony

    Beethoven begins his ninth symphony.
  • Finished Ninth Symphony

    Beethoven compltes his ninth symphony.
  • Death

    Kid bites the dust