Benjamin Franklin Timeline

By Trevv
  • Period: to


  • new start

    new start
    Benjamins brother begins to print a newspaper
  • New job

    New job
    Benjamin Franklin started writing for his brothers newspaper
  • Jail time

    Jail time
    Benjamins brother writes something that angers the government in his newspaper, and goes to jail.
  • Benajmin takes over

    Benajmin takes over
    after Benjamins brotehr goes to jail Benjamin takes over his newspaper
  • looking for a new job

    looking for a new job
    Ben arrives at Boston searching for a new job
  • brothers fight

    brothers fight
    Bens brotherruns him out of town after he gets out of jail
  • Arrival

    Ben starts his job searching
  • makings friends

    makings friends
    Ben talks to a man about getting a job in Boston as a printing press,but there are not any openings so he heads out.
  • arriving in Philadelphia

    arriving in Philadelphia
    Bens Trys to start his career
  • improvment

    Bens decides to write a book bout how to be a good Christian