Bear Grylls: Life's Adventures

  • Edward Michael Grylls Is Born

    Edward Michael Grylls Is Born
    Grylls grew up in Brembridge on the Isle of White. He quickly became an avid outdoorsman through his cub scout troop and learning how to climb with his Dad. As a teenager he learned how to skydive and got his black belt in Shotokan karate. Bear went to Eton College and created the first mountaineering club on campus.
  • Period: to

    British Special Forces

    Grylls served as a trooper, patrol medic, and survival instructor in the 21st Regiment of the Special Air Services.
  • "Within a Whisker"

    "Within a Whisker"
    During a parachute training excercise in Zambia with the special forces, Gryll's canopy ripped at 16,000ft. Bear hit the earth at such a speed that three of his vertebrae crushed on impact. The doctor was not sure if he would ever walk again and is quoted saying that he was "within a whisker" of being paralysed.
  • "The Kid Who Climbed Everest"

    "The Kid Who Climbed Everest"
    At age 23, only 18 months after his parachuting accident, Bear's childhood dream of climbing Everest came true. He would soon be known in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to climb Everest.
  • Around the U.K. In 30 days

    Around the U.K. In 30 days
    Bear raised money for the Royal Naval Lifeboat Institution by leading a team to circumnavigate the U.K. in a personal watercraft in 30 days.
  • From Nova Scotia to Scotland

    From Nova Scotia to Scotland
    In just a rigid inflatable boat, Bear led a team on the first unassisted crossing of the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean from Halifax, Nova Scotia to John o'Groats, Scotland.
  • Angel Falls

    Angel Falls
    Grylls paramotored over the world's highest water fall to raise money for the Global Angels, which is an international charity for disadvantaged children and their communities around the world.
  • World Record

    World Record
    Bear Grylls set the world record for the highest open air formal dinner party at 25,000ft. He took over 200 jumps from altitude to prepare for the record.
  • Period: to

    Man vs Wild

    In 2006, Man vs Wild became the #1 cable show in America and reached a global audience of 1.2 billion viewers.
  • First to Paramotor Over the Himalayas

    First to Paramotor Over the Himalayas
    Coping through temperatures of up to -76 degrees at 29,500ft, Bear grylls set a record for the first person to paramotor over the Himalayas. This event was filmed by the Discovery Channel.
  • Grylls Breaks Another Record

    Grylls Breaks Another Record
    Grylls broke the world record for the longest indoor freefall at 1 hour and 36 seconds.
  • Adventure to Antarctica

    Adventure to Antarctica
    In an effort to raise money for the Global Angels foundation, Bear led a team of four to some of the most remote ice deserts, peaks, and coasts of Antartica. While on the exploration bear broke his shoulder after his wind kite was lifted off the ground and slamed into a thick wall of ice.
  • Chief Scout

    Chief Scout
    At the age of 35, Grylls became the youngest Chief Scout ever appointed since the position began in the 1920's. As Chief Scout in the United Kindom, Grylls is the head over The Sout Association. Grylls is the 10th Chief Scout to ever be appointed.
  • Northwest Passage Expedition

    Northwest Passage Expedition
    In another expedition to raise money for the Global Angels foundation, Grylls led a team of 5 on a rigid inflatable boat across 2,500 miles of icy seas.