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  • Austin is born on April 4,1996

    Austin is born on April 4,1996
    Austin is born to the parents of Michele and Carter Mahone
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    austin .

  • Austins life

    Austins life
    Austin grew up in Texas with his morher and step father . He was a "texas baby " .
  • Austin's father

    Austin's father
    Austin's real father diedwhen austin was only 16 months old.
  • schooling/ famous

    schooling/ famous
    Austin lived in texas in the towns of Seguin, San Antonio, and La Vernia. . After his mom divoreced her second husband they moved back to SanAntonio, texas , and Austin attended Lady Bird Jhonson High School . But soon had to drop out and become homeschooled because of his growing fame. HIs popularity grewso much he rose up to number 28 on Decmber 2, mostly of fan's of tennage girls.
  • youtube videos

    youtube videos
    Austin's first statred singing at the age of 13 . He posted his video on youtube at the age of 14.
  • First Music video

    First Music video
    Austin first music video was in June , 2011.
  • austin's first single .!

    austin's first single .!
    Austin's first single came out on june 5,2012. Named "11:11'"
  • singing in chicago .!

    singing in chicago .!
    Austin sings in chicago along with" Carly rae Jepsen" and "Boys like Girls ."
  • "Say something " second hit

    "Say something " second hit
    His new offical video "Say Something " came out setember 5, 21012