Auguste Comte, Jan 19, 1798- Sept 5, 1857

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  • The Catechism of Positive Religion

    One of his later books that outlines the idea of sociocracy, which would provide a systematic basis, free of metaphysics, for intellectual and moral transactions among humans
  • Subjective Synthesis

    Comte's book discussing his philosophy of mathematics ("Who Was Auguste Comte?" n.d)
  • Death

    Comte passed away from stomach cancer (Fletcher, 2020).
  • Period: to

    Course in Positive Philosophy

    Series of 6 books where he reviewed the known sciences in the first 3 and then in the last 3 discusses the social sciences (Bourdeau, 2018).
  • Period: to

    System of Positive Polity - A Treatise of Sociology, Instituting the Religion of Humanity

    Series of 4 volumes where he expresses his unique view on democracy ("Who Was Auguste Comte?", nd).