Amelia Earhart

By IMMS309
  • Birth

    Amelia is born in her Grandmas house in july 1897.
  • Graduation

    Amelia had graduated high school succesfully in 1915.
  • First ride

    First ride
    Amelia had took her first plane ride in december 1920.
  • Flying lessons!

    Flying lessons!
    Amelia had taken her first flying lessons January 3 1921.
  • Up Up And away!

    Up Up And away!
    Amelia sets a record for womans highest amount of altitude.
  • Book!

    Amelia had written her own book 20 hours and 40 mins.
  • Marriage!

    Amelia had married G.P. Putnam in febuary the year of 1931.
  • Over time she sold her plane the canary

    Over time she sold her plane the canary
    The canary had to go in the year 1932.
  • Transatlantic Flight

    Transatlantic Flight
    Amelia becomes the first woman to make a transatlantic flight.
  • Takes a job

    Takes a job
    Amelia takes a job at Purdue university.
  • attempts

    Amelia attempts to fly around the world march 1937.
  • where did she go?

    where did she go?
    July 1937 she had dissapeared it is still a mystery today.