Alice: Then, Now, and Later

  • I was born...

    I was born...
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    I was four and I ate a lot of Oreos...
  • Columbus Zoo

    Columbus Zoo
  • Vacation: Lake Cumberland+Family Cabin

    Vacation: Lake Cumberland+Family Cabin
    Boating and such...
  • The Buckeye Invitational

    The Buckeye Invitational
  • Marching Band Disney Trip

    Marching Band Disney Trip
    The matching shirts are going to suck...
  • First Car: 67' Chevy Impala

    First Car: 67' Chevy Impala
  • College: University of Ilinois

    College: University of Ilinois
  • My 63rd birthday..

    My 63rd birthday..
  • Death

    I will die of old age and too many vitamins.