Alexander Hamilton - Sergio Leguízamo Díaz

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  • Birth

    Alexander Hamilton was born in Charlestown, Nevis.
  • His mother dies

    Rachel Faucett dies of yellow fever; Hamilton becomes an orphan.
  • Gets funds for school.

    Local people save funds to send him to the U.S.A. to get educated.
  • American Revolutionary War begins

    American Revolutionary War begins
    The first shots of the American Revolution are fired at the battles of Lexington and Concord; Hamilton quickly joins the war.
  • Washington promotes Hamilton

    Hamilton becomes Washington's chief of staff.
  • Married Elizabeth Schuyler

    Married Elizabeth Schuyler
  • Participated in the battle of Yorktown

    Participated in the battle of Yorktown
    He led three battalions in the battle that ended the war.
  • Enters the congress

    He is chosen delegate from New York to the Continental Congress
  • The bank of New York opened its doors

    The bank of New York opened its doors
    The bank that Hamilton established officially opened its doors.
  • Becomes the first Secretary of the Treasury

    George Washington becomes the nation's first president and nominates Hamilton to be the first Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Period: to

    Work as Secretary of the Treasury

    Prepared four major economic reports for Congress
  • Resigns the Secretaryship of the Treasury

  • Thomas Jefferson vs Aaron Burr

    Helped Jefferson to defeat Burr in republican party primary
  • Duel with Aaron Burr

    Duel with Aaron Burr
    He dueled Aaron burr on Greenwich Village, New York. He shot to the sky; Aaron burr shot him in the abdomen.
  • Death

    He dies due to the injury of the duel with Aaron Burr