Alexander Fleming

  • Alexander Flemings

    Was born in Lochfield, Ayrshire, Scotland. He worked in the fields of Bacteriology, immunology.
  • Period: to

    Alexander Fleming

  • Studies

    Enrolled at St Mary's Hospital Medical School in Paddington.
  • MBBS

    He qualified MBBS from the school with distinction in 1906
  • BSc

    He gained a BSc with Gold Medal in 1908,
  • Marriage

    Fleming married a trained nurse, Sarah Marion McElroy of Killala, County Mayo, Ireland.
  • Returns

    He returned to St Mary's Hospital,
  • Enzyme Lysozyme

    dont know actual day/month. This Enzyme has an antibacterial effect but is unable to tacke the strongest infections
  • Professor

    Elected Professor of Bacteriology of the University of London.
  • Penicillin

    dont know actual day/month. Penicillin is an antibiotic substance from the mould Penicillium Notatum.
  • Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    A prize awarded to him for the discoverage of the penicillin that cures a variety of diseases
  • Alexander Fleming Dead

    The Death of Alexander Flemings at the age of 73 in London England