Alessandro Volta

  • The birth of Alessandro Voita

    Alessandro Volta was born in Como, Italy in 1745. Alessandro's parents were Filippo and Maddelena. His parents intened him to become a jurist.
    However, Alessandro had no intention to enter the church like his other siblings.
    Alessandro's parents thought that he was retarded for the fact that Alessandro didn't speak until the age of four!
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    Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volt made the first battery
  • Alessandro's childhood

    He started to talk at the age of four his parents wanted him to become a priest.
  • Alessandro's childhood

    Alessandro was only 7 when his father die
    and he now reached other kids level in school about a year later he started overtaking kids at school.
  • Alessandro's life

    Alessandro was appointed as professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. While at the Royal School, Alessandro Volta designed his first invention the electrophorus in 1774, a device that produced static electricity.
  • Alesandro's life

    Volta studied the chemistry of gases, discovered methane, and devised experiments such as the ignition of gases by an electric spark in a closed vessel of his own design, called a eudiometer. Around this time he also suggested using static electricity to convey messages using insulated iron cables for transmission.
  • Alessandro's life

    Alessandro traveled throght Switzerland, where he formed an intimate friendship with H. B.
  • Alessandro's life

    Alessandro Volta was appointed professor of physics at the University of Pavia and it was while there that he invented his most famous invention, the voltaic pile.
  • When Alessandro made the battery

    By 1800 he had developed the so-called voltaic pile, a forerunner of the electric battery, which produced a steady stream of electricity. In honor of his work in the field of electricity, Napoleon made him a count in 1810. A museum in Como, the Voltian Temple, has been erected in his honor and exhibits some of the original instruments he used to conduct experiments. Near lake Como stands the Villa Olmo, which houses the Voltian Foundation, an organization which promotes scientific activities. V
  • Alessandro's life

    The emperor of Austria made him director of the philosophical faculty of Padua.
  • Alessandro's death

    Alessandro die in 1827 near Como, Lombardy, Italy