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Alessandro Volta

  • Alessandro Volta birth

    Alessandro Volta birth
    On the 18 of Feb Alessandro Volta was born in italy, and he was also taught at a public school there
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  • 1st paper on electricity

     1st paper on electricity
    In 1769 he published his first paper on electricity.
  • Electrophorus

    In 1774, he was appointed as professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. While at the Royal School, Alessandro Volta designed his first invention the electrophorus in 1774
  • Discovered methane

    Discovered methane
    In 1776-77 Volta studied the chemistry of gases. He discovered methane by collecting the gas from marshes.
  • Teaching

    Volta taught at Como Gymnasium and Pavia University
  • e

    In 1797 Alessandro Volta got married Teresa italy
  • Invention of the battery

    Invention of the battery
    He built in 1800 the first electrical pile, or battery: a series of metal disks of two kinds, separated by cardboard disks soaked with acid or salt solutions
  • retired

    In 1818 Alessandro Volta retired in his estate in Camnago.
  • Death

    March 5, 1827 (aged 82) Como italy