Alessandro Volta

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    Alessandro Volta

  • born

    alasandro was born today
  • volta 1769

    volta 1769
    he began to study electrricity and published his own two books of ideas.
  • alasandro volta 1774

    alasandro volta 1774
    he became director of the royal school in coma
  • swamp gas

    Volta disscoverd a mystery gas known back then swamp gas. The gas was used to light gas lanterns. He was the first person to disscover swamp gas.
  • 1778

    he became professor of physics at the univercity of pavia
  • alasandro volta

    luigi galvani thoght that animals had their own electrcity because a frogs leg on a brass hook twitched when touched with a knife, but volta disagreed. he thought the leg twitchd because of a solution in the leg made a conection between the two metals.
  • the voltic pile

    the voltic pile
    alasandro volta makes the early battery or voltic pile
  • ritirement

    alasando volta retired to his family home in como
  • death