Albert sidney johnston

Albert Sideny Johnston

By Rand
  • Date of Birth

    Albert Sidney Johnston was born in Washington, Kentucky.
  • School

    Johnston enrolled into the Transylvania University
  • End Of School

    He graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point
  • Marrige

    He married Henrietta Preston in 1829
  • Childeren

    The Johnston's had a boy named William Preston Johnston
  • Death of Wife

    Albert Johnston's wife Henrietta Preston died seven years of marraige
  • Texas Revolution

    After the death of his wife Johnston joins the Texas Army as a private
  • Duel against General Felix Huston

    Johnston survived the duel but had some wounds.
  • Remarriage

    Johnston remarried to Eliza Griffin after he resigned from the Texas Revolution
  • 2nd U.S. Cavalry

    He became colonel of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry
  • Campaign Against Mormons

    He was a key part of the 1857 campaign against the Mormons
  • Johnston takes Command

    He took command of the Department of the Pacific which he later resinge.
  • Civil War

    The war begins with the Nouth fighting the South.
  • Resingning

    Johnston resigned from his job that he just eared.
  • Confederate Army

    Johnston was appointed a full general in the Confederate Army with a date of rank of May 31, 1861
  • Johnston's attack

    Johnston planed to attack Ulysses S. Grant But could not cary on because of rain.
  • Johnston is shot

    He was shot because he road too far ahead infrount of his troups.
  • His Death

    Johnston bleed to death after he was shot and was buried temporalily in New Oreals.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Johnston lead this attack by catching Grant's army by surprise and was wounded during this battle
  • Body Moved

    Johnston's dead body was moved to Texas State Cemetery in Austin, five years after he died