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Albert Einstein

  • Albert Einstein was Born

    Albert Einstein was Born
    Born to Hermann Einstein (a featherbed salesman) and hes wife Pauline in Ulm, Germany.
  • Albert's sister Maja is Born

    Albert's sister Maja is Born
    Her real name is Maria, but they called her Maja. She was born in Munich.
  • The Compass

    The Compass
    When he was only 5 years old his father showed Albert a pocket compass and he was fascinated by the thought that something unseen was moving the needle.
  • Einstein Enrolls in School

    Einstein Enrolls in School
    He enrolled in the second grade of a Catholic elementary school called the Petersschule. He receives Jewish religious instruction at home and also begins taking violin lessons.
  • Albert is accepted at the Luitpold gymnasium

  • The Einstein Family Moves to Milan, Italy.

    But Albert remains in Munich to complete his education at the Gymnasium.
  • Einstein drops out of the Luitpold Bymnasium and joins his family in Milan.

  • Albert is accepted to the trade department of the cantonal school in Aarau, Switzerland.

    After failing the entry exam for the Zurich Polytechnic. He lives with the family of Jost Winteler, a teacher in Aarau.
  • Einstein begins studing at the Zurich Polytechnic in a teachers' training program.

  • Einstein receives his diploma as a mathematics teacher and start work on his doctoral thesis.

  • Einstein officially becomes a Swiss citizen.

  • Period: to

    Einstein works as a temporary teacher at the Technical College in Winterthur, Switzerland.

  • Lieserl, Albert andMileva Maric's illegitmate daughter, is born in Hungary.

  • Einstein is hired as a patent officer in Bern.

  • Einstein and Mileva are married in Bern.

  • Einstein forms the Olympia Academy with his friends Maurice Solovine and Conrad Habicht.

  • Hans Albert, Einstein and Mileva's first son, is born in Bern.

  • Einstein completes his paper on quantum theory.

  • Einstein's paper on Brownian motion is accepted by the Annalen der Physik.

  • Einstein's paper on the special theory of relativity is published in the Annalen der Physik.

  • Einstein receives his doctorate from the University of Zurich.

  • Einstein becomes a privatdozent at Bern University.

  • Einstein is appointed extraordinary professor of theoretical physics at Zurich University.

  • Eduard, the Einsteins' second son, is born in Zurich.

  • Einstein is appointed professor of theoretical physics at the Zurich Polytechnic.

  • Einstein begins collaborating with Marcel Grossman about the general theory of relativity.

  • Einstein accepts a position at the University of Berlin.

  • Einstein and Mileva separate, and she returns to Zurich with their sons.

  • Einstein signs a "Manifesto to the Europeans" advocating his pacifist and internationalist ideals. He also completes his formulation of the general theory of relativity.

  • Einstein moves into the apartment of his cousin Elsa in Berlin.

  • The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics begins operating under Einstein's management.

  • Einstein and Mileva obtain a divorce.

  • ·Einstein marries his cousin Elsa in Berlin.

  • Einstein Becomes Famous!

    A solar eclipse has allowed scientists to observe phenomena predicted by Einstein's general relativity theory, and news of the theory's confirmation is announced at a ceremonial meeting of the Royal Society of London. Einstein becomes famous.
  • Period: to

    Einstein visits the U.S. for the first time.

    Einstein visits the U.S. for the first time on a fund- raising tour for the establishment of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
  • ·Einstein wins the Nobel Prize for his work on quantum theory.

  • Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Born, and others formulate quantum mechanics on the basis of Einstein's quantum theory.

  • Einstein begins debating with Bohr about the new quantum mechanics at the Solvay Conference in Brussels.

  • Einstein is appointed to the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton. He plans to spend half a year a Princeton and the other half in Berlin.

  • The Nazis seize power in Germany.

  • Einstein resigns from the Prussian Academy of Sciences and declares that he will not return to Germany.

  • Einstein moves to the United States with his wife and his secretary Helen Dukas.

  • Elsa Einstein dies in Princeton.

  • Einstein signs a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt urging the acceleration of atomic bomb development.

  • Einstein becomes an American citizen.

  • The first atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima.

  • After Chaim Weizmann's death, Einstein is offered the presidency of Israel. He declines.

  • Einstein dies in New Jersey. His body is cremated and his papers turned over to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.