al capone

  • worked in yale at the harvard inn

    at age 18 worked there as a bar tender, waiter, and bouncer.
  • al capone and mae got married

    three weeks after their some albert francis capone, aka "sonny", was born.
  • rise up the ranks in torrio's organization

  • torrio decided to retire and his entire organiztion went to capone

    torrio decided after he was nearly killed.
  • Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

    The most famous event during this time.
  • al capone went to trial

  • al capone was sent to atlanta

    he began his 11 year sentence
  • capone was taken to atlanta penitentiary in georgia

  • capone arrived at alcatraz

    he became prisioner 85
  • capone was transfered to a hospital

    after spending four-and-a- half years in alcatraz, capone got transfered to the federal correctional institution in los angeles.