The Life of Laurie Halse Anderson

  • Born in Postdam, NY

    Born in Postdam, NY
    Laurie Halse Anderson was born Laurie Beth Halse on October 23, 1961. Parents unknown.
  • Began Children's Books

    Began Children's Books
    In 1996, Anderson began writing children's books with her book "Ndito Runs."
  • Wrote "Speak"

    Wrote "Speak"
    In October of 1999, Anderson wrote her most famous young adult novel, Speak. It has received many awards and been adapted into a movie.
  • Wrote "Fever, 1793"

    Wrote "Fever, 1793"
    In September of 2000, she wrote her first historical novel, "Fever, 1793."
  • Wrote "Catalyst"

    Wrote "Catalyst"
    In September of 2002, she wrote her second young adult novel, "Catalyst." It featured a cameo appearance from her novel, "Speak," and it took place in the same high school.
  • Wrote "Prom"

    Wrote "Prom"
    In 2005, she wrote her third young adult novel, "Prom." It appeared in the New York Times best seller list early in the year.
  • Wrote "Twisted"

    Wrote "Twisted"
    On March 20, 2007, Anderson's fourth and very famous young adult novel, "Twisted," was published. It received a lot of recognition and state awards.
  • Began the "Chains" series

    Began the "Chains" series
    In 2008, Anderson began a historical novel series called "Chains," about the Revolutionary War era. It was awarded the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction.
  • Wrote "Wintergirls"

    Wrote "Wintergirls"
    In March of 2009, Anderson wrote her most recent young adult novel, "Wintergirls." (This is my favorite of her novels, and it definitely deserved its five-star reviews!)
  • Continued the "Chains" Series

    Continued the "Chains" Series
    Earlier this year, Anderson wrote the sequel to "Chains" titled "Forge."