Explorer - Chloe

By mamaya1
  • Birth

    Captain James Cook was born on October 27,1728 in Marton Yorkshire,England.
  • Leaves home

    Cook left home in 1744 at the age of 16.
  • Whitby

    Cook went to Whitby and was an apprentence on a coal ship.
  • Navy

    Cook joined the royal navy.
  • Mercury

    Cook was the master of a navy ship called Mercury.
  • Cook returns

    Cook returns to England from Canada and marries Elizabeth Batts. He then returned to Canada with the navy.
  • Period: to

    Cook's first voyage

    Cook makes his first voyage to the South Pacific, carrying a group of scientists toTahiti to observe a transit of Venus. Heading home, he investigated both New Zeland and Australia.
  • Period: to

    Cook's second voyage

    On his second voyage, Cook continues to serch for the fable southern continent, heading farther south than any explorer to that time.
  • Cook's third voyage

    Cook begins his third voyage of exploration, for the primary purpose of searching for the Northwest Passage.
  • Hawaii

    Cook becomes the first European explorer known to have seen Hawaii, when he saw two of its islands from his ship.
  • died

    When Cook returned to Hawaii, he was killed by natives, his men continued the expedition.