Explorer - Brock

  • Mar 4, 1394

    Born on...

  • Jan 1, 1415

    moorish port

    In 1415, he helped lead the Portuguese capture of the Moorish port of Ceuta at the Strait of Gibraltar
  • Jan 1, 1417

    he became grand master...

    In 1417, he became grand master of Portugal’s Order of Christ, one of the country’s wealthiest institutions
  • Jan 1, 1420

    madeira exploring

    He sent the Portuguese explorers Joao Goncalves Zarco and Tristao Vaz Teixeira down the African coast to find a more direct overland route to central Africa. By 1420, the two explorers had reached the islands of Porto Santo and Madeira, both part of the Madeira Islands group.
  • Nov 13, 1460

    Died on...

    died on Nov. 13, 1460